Clinics Sunday

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these are the clinics from 2017
Room 19:30-10:30A 21 Scratchbuilding Structures Doug Wingfield MMR
Room 209:30-10:30B 21 Track is a model tooRob Badmington
Room 110:45-11:45A 22 *Resin Casting Made Easy Geoff Gooderham
Room210:45-11:45B 22 TT&TO Operations at the EMRA.
sorry cancelled
Brian Stokes
Room 212:00-13:00A 23 Nelson Diesel Shop operationslMike Barone
Room 213:45-14:45B 23 What is This Thing Called Free-Mo?Larry Sebelley
Room 215:00-16:00A 24 For those about to rockMark Dance
Room 215:00-16:00B 24 *Planning & Building the GN Cascade DivisionBill Sornsin