2016 Layout Tours

Participants in the Self Guided Layout Tours this year can visit home layouts in North and West Vancouver.
These layouts will be available for visiting between 10:00am and 2:00PM on Sunday November 6th 2016.
Maps with host addresses will be included as a separate document with your registration materials.
Two of the layouts are within gated communities, and detailed maps for these will be included. Tour Participants may find a
Global Positioning System to be useful. Look for the railway cross bucks.

2017 Self Guided layout tours

Click on a photo to open the gallery, and then click a photo to enlagrge it and open the viewer
PreviewHostRailroad NameScaleEra
John GreenCoquihalla Valley RailwayHOSeptember 1955
Mike CulhamCascadia LayoutHO
Mark Dance Columbia and Western RailwayN1970
Gary Hinshaw Tehachapi BCNModern